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One-On-One Training


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Semi-Private Training

SPORTMYFITNESS represents mental and physical health and overall training. SMF provides multiple different ways of training styles and realistic challenges we face. We provide a platform for other health and fitness gurus to teach our youth healthier options. SMF has been implemented in a few high schools and elementary schools were we teach LifeFitness classes to promote students with active mental and physical development.  We teach how to live a healthier lifestyle through lectures and exercise. We share our lives with thousands of people everyday and look for more people to be representative of  SMF. Would you like to be the next person to share your life with people? Do you believe you have the skills to empower others with your actions and words? Join us on this journey.  Register to be a SMF representative or client today. Email or text 414-791-4526 for more information. 

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My first published book is called "Yoshi is, Yoshi goes, Yoshi has".  I wrote this book to be an encourager to our youth. This book takes the kids on a journey through challenging exercises and motivational stories. The book rhymes to keep to the stories fun and help parents engage in fitness activities with them Please check it out. It's found on amazon or you can pick it up at the Gym.  

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